Mercedes A-Class promotional video in Japan [Video]

The advertising of a product must always be tailored to a specific market and Japan is no exception. The Japanese love anime so it is natural that Mercedes uses this fact in their favour and promote the new A-Class in a different way. See the video below.

In the not so distant future, to cope with the traffic jams and verticalization due to the Increased population, the city of Tokyo was reconstructed under the theme of "city sharing" in which people share the urbane space by transforming the roads and city structure by time of the day. A woman named Nico is walking in the city. She is having her long-awaited day off; however, she does not know what to do and who to hang out with. She hopes an exciting thing suddenly happens--.
Then, a truck passed right before her eyes. The loud music and flashy decoration of the vehicle reminded Nico the car "it" that everyone's talking about on the internet. As soon as Nico saw it, she ran after it, then ran into Gatsu and Makito. Nico get in the latest A-Class and they chase after the truck driving through the city that is changing its form rapidly.
See if they catch up with the legendary truck and reveal the true identity of "it".