6 de fevereiro de 2013

The Fiat 500 will get a bigger brother. Here comes the 500XL

The Italian brand is really determined to fully exploit the name 500, creating another version that has nothing small. This will be called the 500XL and will have a length of 4350mm, 200mm more over the 500L, and almost 800mm more over the normal Fiat 500.

The largest changes occur on the back, with the obvious increase in length, there is now room for a third row of seats if you want it, or just a bigger boot capable of over 500 liters.

The design of the rear lights is similar to the one in the 500L, and so is the overall shape with the exception of a little spoiler to allow for a better airflow.

Presentation should happen later this year, but for now we can assume that most of the engines found in the Fiat 500L will also be available in the 500XL with the possibility of the weaker ones being replaced for a few more powerful engines due to the increased weight of the car.

Source: autoblog it