4 de abril de 2013

BMW X4 concept leaked to the web!

This was unexpected. We knew that BMW sooner or later was going to release the X4, but it was somewhat surprising to see that a few minutes ago five images of the concept appeared online. If there is something that we know about BMW is that their concepts are usually very similar to the production models, so now we can get a good idea of how the final version will look like.

The BMW X4 follows the same design found in the X6. It isn't a SUV, nor a sedan, neither a sports vehicle, it is a strange mixture of them all. In short, it's a smaller BWW X6, but it is based on the X3 architecture, so it will have pretty much all the engines found in the X3.

I'm sure BMW will soon release more information about this new concept, so stay tuned to this page! Or you can wait for the Shanghai Motor Show.

Source: autowp