10 de abril de 2013

DAF introduces the New Euro 6 LF and CF Series

DAF completed the renewal of its fleet of trucks with the presentation of the new LF and CF at the Birmingham Commercial Vehicle Show. These new models already meet the Euro 6 standard which comes into effect next year, forcing all truck manufacturers (and other vehicles) to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and make their vehicles more efficient.

To meet this standard, DAF uses the PACCAR engines that have a new engine block, ultramodern common rail technology, a turbo with variable geometry, and several other improvements and controls like exhaust gas recirculation together with SCR technology and a soot filter designed for a maximum passive regeneration.

The PACCAR engines (PX-5, PX-7, MX-11 and MX-13) have power outputs ranging from 112kW (150hp or 152PS) up to 375kW (503hp or 510PS), and can be fitted with a 5, 6, 9 or 12-speed manual transmissions, while the CF can have a 16-speed manual gearbox or the AS Tronic automated transmissions with 6, 12 and 16-speeds.

4.5 liter four-cylinder PACCAR PX-5 (DAF Euro 6 LF)

PX-5 112 Power: 112kW (150hp or 152PS) @1800–2300rpm Torque: 580Nm (428lb/ft) @1100–1800rpm
PX-5 112 Power: 135kW (181hp or 184PS) @1800–2300rpm Torque: 700Nm (516lb/ft) @1200–1800rpm
PX-5 112 Power: 157kW (211hp or 214PS) @2000–2400rpm Torque: 760Nm (561lb/ft) @1300–2000rpm

6.7 liter six-cylinder PACCAR PX-7 (DAF Euro 6 LF and DAF Euro 6 CF)

PX-7 164 Power: 164kW (220hp or 223PS) @1800–2300rpm Torque: 850Nm (627lb/ft) @1100–1800rpm
PX-7 186 Power: 186kW (249hp or 253PS) @1800–2300rpm Torque: 950Nm (701lb/ft) @1100–1800rpm
PX-7 208 Power: 208kW (279hp or 283PS) @2000–2300rpm Torque: 1020Nm (752lb/ft) @1200–2000rpm
PX-7 231 Power: 231kW (310hp or 314PS) @2000–2300rpm Torque: 1100Nm (811lb/ft) @1200–1800rpm

10.8 liter PACCAR PX-11 (DAF Euro 6 CF)

MX-11 210 Power: 210kW (282hp or 286PS) @1700rpm Torque: 1200Nm (885lb/ft) @1000–1700rpm
mX-11 240 Power: 240kW (322hp or 326PS) @1650rpm Torque: 1400Nm (1033lb/ft) @1000–1650rpm
MX-11 271 Power: 271kW (363hp or 369PS) @1650rpm Torque: 1600Nm (1180lb/ft) @1000–1650rpm
MX-11 291 Power: 291kW (390hp or 396PS) @1450–1700rpm Torque: 1900Nm (1401lb/ft) @1000–1450rpm
MX-11 320 Power: 320kW (429hp or 435PS) @1450–1700rpm Torque: 2100Nm (1549lb/ft) @1000–1450rpm

12.9 liter PACCAR PX-13 (DAF Euro 6 CF)

MX-13 303 Power: 303kW (406hp or 412PS) @1425-1750rpm Torque: 2000Nm (1475lb/ft) @1000–1425rpm
mX-13 340 Power: 340kW (456hp or 462PS) @1425-1750rpm Torque: 2300Nm (1696lb/ft) @1000–1425rpm
MX-13 375 Power: 375kW (503hp or 510PS) @1425-1750rpm Torque: 2500Nm (1844lb/ft) @1000–1425rpm

Source: DAF