17 de abril de 2013

Did not take long. Here are the first official images of the concept GLA

An hour after the first teaser appeared, it was revealed the first official photos of the concept that will be displayed publicly at the Shanghai Motor Show this Saturday. The new compact SUV will probably have its production version revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show later this year, with sales starting in 2014.

The GLA concept is 4380mm long, 1970mm wide and 1570mm high, and comes with a 2.0 liter turbocharged petrol engine that produces 211PS (208hp or 155kW). It also comes with the 7G-Tronic dual-clutch transmission and the 4AMTIC all-wheel system.

It is based on the A-Class platform, therefore it should be available with the majority of engines also found on the hatchback.