8 de abril de 2013

The Renault Lovegrove concept is actually the Twin'Z

Last month, Renault showed some pictures of a concept created in conjunction with the Lovegrove Studio, owned by the Welsh designer, Ross Lovegrove. Those were just teasers and didn't reveal much, but today we can clearly see this new concept, and it looks a lot like the Twin'Run. Even the name is similar.

For now we do not know if this will be the replacement for Twingo or a new model that will use the Renault 5 moniker, and to make it even more confusing, Renault says the car draws inspiration from the Renault 5 and the Twingo.

This fun, modern and artistic take on the small city car is an electric vehicle with rear-wheel drive and a rear-mounted motor, making it a bit more sporty and fun to drive.

According to Renault, this is the fifth concept that uses the brand's design strategy based on the notion of the human life cycle (Love -> Dezir, Explore -> Captur, Family -> R-Space, Work -> Frendzy, Play -> Twin'Z, and Wisdom -> ???).

The car has LED in the tail lights, head lamps and even in the roof of the car, also illuminating the interior. It has 3620mm and 18 inch wheels, giving the small car a robust appearance. The Z28RL comes with a very simple interior providing a sense of unity and space in a bright blue and yellow/green.

The electric motor has 50kW (68hp) and 226Nm (167lb/ft) of torque, while the four lithium-ion battery packs have a 96V. This is enough to give the car, which weighs 980kg (2161lb), a range of 160km (100 miles) and a top speed of 130km/h (81mph).