26 de abril de 2013

Toyota shows the ME.WE electric concept

Toyota often creates very cool concepts, and the ME.WE, created in conjunction with the Massaud design studio, is no exception. It's a small car shaped like a box, with a simple exterior and interior, made from an aluminum tubular structure, polypropylene panels and bamboo, giving it a weight of just 750kg (1653lbs).

The powertrain consists of in-wheel electric motors (the number depends if you wanted 2 or 4 wheel drive) and a battery pack fitted under the floor. It has 3440mm in length and 1700mm in width.

The body panels only weigh 14kg (31lbs) and are completely recyclable. The air conditioning system uses a low-energy pump, while the heated seats help reduce energy consumption.

All windows can be lowered (even the windshield) and the roof can be partially removed for a more open feel on the inside. And to keep the simple interior, only one screen is fitted providing the driver all the information he needs.

Source: Toyota