Official: Here you have the Lamborghini Egoista

Yesterday, you saw here, firsthand, images of the new concept made by Lamborghini. Today you can see here new official pictures of the Egoista concept, which means "selfish" in Italian (and also in Spanish and Portuguese), and more information of this strange car.

The inspiration is the Apache (Boeing AH-64) attack helicopter. It has a canopy similar to the one found in the helicopter and only has room for the driver. This is why Lamborghini calls it the Egoista or selfish.

Inside, we see a heads-up display similar to the one found in many types of aircraft, so you can take aim at your enemies. The aeronautical theme continues outside with colored lights similar to those used in aircraft at the wings and other points of the fuselage.

The orange tinted canopy can be detached from the rest of the car, which is pretty weird. Almost everything in this car is made out of carbon fiber, meaning it is very light and together with the 5.2 liter V10 engine found in the Gallardo that puts out around 600PS, it should be fast.

But this doesn't matter since this will never be produced. Thank God to that, Walter de Silva didn't do a good job. What a way to celebrate the 50 years of the brand.

Source: autowp