23 de maio de 2013

Renault starts teasing the new range of trucks [Video]

Renault's truck division prepares itself to reveal to the world its new range of vehicles on June 11 in Lyon, France. With 19 days left for the presentation, the French brand started showing a few teasers of this new series of trucks. They even revealed a race truck based on the production model that will soon be revealed.

This renovation cost about €2000 million () and involved more than 5000 people, and its aim was to present its customers with a vehicle with high levels of reliability that also had a low fuel consumption.

Besides the new Euro 6 engines, Renault Trucks also worked extensively in the aerodynamics of their new vehicles.During the development of the new trucks, Renault held the strictest quality tests of its history. Since 2008, more than 300 vehicles traveled over ten million kilometers (6.214 million miles) and did five million hours of testing on test benches with temperatures between -40°C (-40ºF) and +60°C (140°F).

From the race truck, we can see it will have a grille shaped like a inverted V, which is the opposite of what most truck manufacturers build.

Source: Renault Trucks