12 de junho de 2013

Opel shows the facelifted Insignia

What you have here is the new Opel Insignia that will have its world premiere at the 65th Frankfurt Motor Show which will begin on September 12. The look of the car was already known, since we had already seen the Buick Regal which is basically the brother of the Insignia, but the German car manufacturer made many substantial changes to the cars interior and engine lineup.

The Insignia features new bumpers, a wider chrome grille, redesigned head lamps with wing-shape LED daytime running lamps and LED tail lamps. The interior has undergone more radical changes. Opel completely changed the center console in order to make it more simple to use by removing many of the buttons it had and adding an 8-inch touchscreen that controls the infotainment system. There is also a touch pad in the center console and you can have another 8-inch screen as your instrument panel.

Opel also offers a few new engines. There's a new 2.0 liter diesel that is available with 2 different power outputs. The less powerful version delivers 120PS (88kW or 118bhp) and 320Nm (236lb/ft), while the other has 140PS (103kW or 138bhp) and 370Nm (273lb/ft). Interestingly, both versions emit just 99g/km of CO2 (Sports Tourer: 104g/km of CO2) and have a combined fuel consumption of 3.7l/100km (76.34 UK mpg or 63.57 USA mpg) (Sports Tourer: 3.9l/100km or 72.43 UK mpg or 60.31 USA mpg). This is obtained, in part, thanks to the six-speed manual transmission and the Start/Stop system.

But if you want something more powerful you can choose between the 2.0-liter BiTurbo CDTI with 195PS (143kW or 192bhp) and 400Nm (295lb/ft), the 2.0-liter SIDI Turbo with 250PS (184kW or 247bhp) and 400Nm (295lb/ft) and the 1.6 SIDI Turbo from the newest engine generation with 170PS (125 kW or 168bhp) and 260Nm (192lb/ft) (280Nm / 207lb/ft with overboost).

You can also have a more economic choice. Opel offers a 1.4-liter LPG engine that produces 140PS (103kW or 138bhp) and 200Nm (148lb/ft) of torque. It has a combined fuel consumption of 7.6l/100km (37.17 UK mpg or 30.95 USA mpg) and CO2 emissions of 124g/km (Sports Tourer: 7.9l/100km or 35.76 UK mpg or 29.77 USA mpg and 129g/km).

Price starts at €24,325 ($31,200 or £20,500) in Germany.

Source: Opel