The return of Datsun culminates with the presentation of the GO [Video]

I was expecting a little more from the return of this iconic brand but it seems Nissan didn't want to put a lot of effort to it, so they pretty much added a few new parts to the Nissan Micra/March and called it a brand new model with a name inspired "by the first Datsun, the DAT-GO, launched almost a century ago in Japan".

The car will be sold in markets like India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa, where the demand for cheap small cars is growing by the minute. This is where the GO shows up. It is small - 1635mm wide, 1485mm tall and 3785mm long - and is only available with a 1.2 liter petrol engine paired with a five-speed manual transmission.

Inside, we also have several parts of the Micra/March but the handbrake and gear shift lever where moved to a higher position so the two front passengers have more room.

Source: Nissan/Datsun