20 de agosto de 2013

A new supercar is born. Meet the Laraki Motors Epitome Concept

The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance had one last surprise for us. We all thought that Laraki Motors was dead, since the last time we heard anything from them was in 2008. But now the Moroccan based company, owned by Abdeslam Laraki who is engaged in the construction of yachts, revealed this beast.

And it is a beast. The 7.0-liter V8 engine taken from a Chevrolet Corvette produces 1200PS (1184bhp or 883kW) when fueled with regular petrol, but if you fill it with 110 octane fuel it can reach 1750PS (1726bhp or 1287kW)! There are two fuel tanks for each type of petrol, so you can switch between them when you want.

That is amazing when you thing that this car only weighs 1270kg (2800lbs). This is achieved thanks to the extensive use of carbon fiber and the platform of the Corvette C6.

Production isn't confirmed and the price is not either, but i am guessing it will cost well over a million in whatever currency you use.

Source: challenge and medias24