Ford will present the new electric Explorer EV based on the VW ID4. First leaked photos.

Surprisingly, several images of the new Ford Explorer EV have appeared online showing very clearly what this new electric North American car with a German soul looks like.

And you might be wondering why the "German Soul" comment. Well, that is because underneath what the eye sees, the platform and mechanics all come from the Volkswagen ID4. This means that the power and battery capacities will carry over from the European brother.

Aesthetically, the difference is huge. The design was completely redone to give it a more muscular look, and this was achieved with great success. The front is slightly higher and the straighter roofline gives it a more rectangular but pleasant proportion.

Also inside the differences are many. For example, in the ID4 we have a central screen in a higher position, while in the Ford Explorer it is located lower down but that will allow us to control most of the car's functions through it in a bigger package.

While it hasn't been officially unveiled yet, stay tuned for more information soon.