Dodge introduces Hornet R/T GLH concept

To begin with, and just as a curiosity, Dodge applied the acronym GLH, which means "Goes Like Hell", in a model that did not undergo any power increase or other mechanical change in relation to the original plug-in hybrid model.

This acronym has a history and goes back to the 1980s, to Carrol Shelby and his Dodge Omni GLH. But still is just a makeover to a reasonable powered small crossover and a way to promote the north-american in-house tuners, Direct Connection.

The modifications are limited to a new painting, some coloured stripes, some badges and some new 20-inch wheels created by Direct Connection.

Possible price and availability have not been revealed but at least it has shown us what Dodges in-house tuners can go to the Hornet and possibly to other models.