Lamborghini teases its next supercar - LB744 (Aventador)

In a few days, the brand from Sant'agata Bolognese, will present its first V12 HPEV (High Performance Electrified Vehicle) hybrid super sports car and, to make things more interesting, it has shared some images of the dashboard and steering wheel.

The highlight, for now, has been given to the hybrid powertrain and the combined 13 different driving modes available. The LB744 features a 6.5liter naturally aspirated V12 mid-engine and three electric motors. Two of them are connected to the front E-Axle, while the third is integrated into the 8-speed gearbox. The tunnel, space that since the Countach was occupied by the gearbox, now has a lithium-ion battery and the gearbox is now mounted behind the combustion engine and transversely to the V12.

And what is the E-Axle? It is an electric torque vectoring system that the Italian brand called Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo 2.0. This allows for an increase in the car’s agility in narrow cornering and stability in high-speed cornering. Also, the distribution of torque goes optimally to each wheel and working in synergy with the four-wheel steering system. The E-Axle also serves to charge the batteries in light braking, helping to save the brakes.

Braking system that will be composed of front calipers with ten pistons instead of six, with 410x38mm discs (in place of the previous 400x38mm of Aventador Ultimae) and at the rear are 4-piston calipers and 390x32mm discs (improved from 380x38mm). Discs are covered with a friction layer for a better performance, thermal management and acoustic comfort.

Returning to driving modes, Lamborghini allows the choice of 13 that are a combination of three new dedicated driving modes: Recharge, Hybrid and Performance, and the Città, Strada, Sport and Corsa modes. They are chosen via the two rotors located on the new steering wheel. If you want all the power available you will have to chose the Performance and Corsa options.