6 de novembro de 2012

New Maserati Quattroporte [Video]

Maserati has started to reveal some details about the new Quattroporte and to begin released pictures from every angle imaginable of the car. The car looks more agressive with the major changes happening in the back. Public will have access to the vehicle in the Detroit Motor Show next January.

The mechanical parts are still unknown, but according to Autocar UK the new Quattroporte is now bigger, lighter, faster and more luxurious. It will have a new steel monocoque measuring around 5200mm in length with a bigger wheelbase for a larger legroom for the rear passengers, that is particularly important for the Chinese market. Regarding the weight it is expected the car will lose about 50kg, lowering it from almost 2 tons to a value closer to 1900kg. This reduction is obtained thanks to the use of aluminum in the body.

To start Maserati will offer a V8 Ferrari-sourced engine based on the 453bhp 4.7-litre V8 used in the Granturismo with an increase of power (rumors point to 530bhp), a lower fuel consumption and emissions, connected to a ZF-supplied XF automatic gearbox. Later the engines choices will rise to include smaller V6 and V8 blocks, diesel and petrol and an all wheel drive option will also be included.

In the inside we now get a larger touchscreen to control most of the functions in the car involved by high quality woods and leathers for a more luxurious look and feel. It will be built in the old Bertone plant at Bertone, just outside Turin.

It is expected the base Quattroporte will cost around 100.000€ (80.000£ or 130.000$) and more luxurious will cost over 150.000€ (120.000£ or 190.000$).

Source: Autocar UK