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11 de fevereiro de 2020

Maruti Suzuki reveals the facelifted Ignis

While the probability of seeing this on our roads is very slim, this cute little boy deserves some attention since it's trying to go the SUV route and bring new weapons to the small car fight.

11 de setembro de 2013

Official: Suzuki brings the iV-4 Concept to Frankfurt

Suzuki premiered its new compact SUV concept, the iV-4, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Heir to Suzuki’s DNA, this new compact vehicle embodies a new automotive idea, the personal compact SUV. This idea is also promoted by the name iV-4, since "i" stands for “individuality”, “V” means "vehicle”, and “4” for “four wheel-drive”.

5 de agosto de 2013

Caterham will use a 660cc Suzuki engine for new entry-level Seven

Yes, that is right. The British sports car manufacturer will use a 0.66-liter, three-cylinder turbocharged engine supplied by Suzuki on their upcoming all-new entry-level Seven, that will also premiere an improved lighter chassis with a redesigned suspension layout.

31 de julho de 2013

Suzuki teases the iV-4 Compact SUV concept. Will bring it to Frankfurt [Video]

Suzuki is well known for making small and cheap SUVs, but their lineup needs an update. This concept will gives us a hint on how future cars from Suzuki will look like, but for now it will only generate a new model, and what better place to show it than the Frankfurt Motor Show.

9 de julho de 2013

Suzuki shows the new Swift 4x4

Suzuki already sells the 4x4 Swift in Japan as well as in several European Countries including Germany and Switzerland, but with the recent facelift, it is time to reveal the updated Swift 4x4 and bring it to the United Kingdom. Sales start this month but you only have one engine option, a 1.2-liter unit mated to a manual transmission.

17 de junho de 2013

Suzuki gives a small facelift to the Swift

Here's something curious. As you may know, most car manufacturers have web pages specifically designed for a certain country, and these pages are managed by different people. Occasionally something goes wrong and a new model or a facelift ends up getting revealed through one of these websites. This is what happened with the Swift and Sukuzi's Belgium page.

21 de abril de 2013

Suzuki AUTHENTICS Concept officially revealed in China [Video]

The compact car segment (C-segment) in China is "red hot" with so many new cars being presented. This time it was Suzuki who presented the concept of the car that will compete in this segment. The Japanese company wants to produce and distribute the production model that will be based on the AUTHENTICS concept by the end of 2014.

18 de abril de 2013

Suzuki introduces the new SX4 at the Shanghai Motor Show, it's very different from the European version

We already saw the new Suzuki SX4, but for some reason the Japanese company will first release a facelift for the Chinese market. The presentation will take place at the Shanghai Motor Show this Saturday, but the car is already in its stand and there is absolutely no security, so we already know the look of the car.

31 de março de 2013

Suzuki will bring the AUTHENTICS concept to Shanghai

Suzuki will bring several cars and motorcycles to the Shanghai Motor Show, which begins on April 20, but the main attraction will be a new C-segment sedan called Authentics. A car that seems to be the sedan version of the SX4 or even the replacement for the unsuccessful Kizashi.

7 de fevereiro de 2013

Production version of the Suzuki's all-new C-segment crossover in Geneva [Video]

This new crossover is based on the concept shown last year in the Paris Motor Show and not much else is known. That car was called the S-Cross concept and had a little over 4300mm in length, 1840mm wide and 1600mm tall, so this concept should have a similar size.

20 de dezembro de 2012

First images of the European Suzuki Grand Vitara

Suzuki finally revealed the first images of the new European Grand Vitara, which is almost equal to the Escudo, the Japanese version of the small SUV.