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10 de fevereiro de 2020

BMW 4 Series Pig Nose

Are you serious BMW? What are you thinking?! Bigger is not always better! Ask the ladies.

29 de outubro de 2013

BMW reveals the new 2 Series Coupe

The replacement of the 1 Series Coupe is here and is now called 2 Series Coupe. BMW already used the "2" as a model designation for the 1966 BMW 1600-2. Unlike its predecessor, this new model moves away from the 1 Series and becomes a standalone car that is also larger in size and features a new design.

10 de setembro de 2013

Official: BMW revealed the revolutionary i8 [Video]

BMW finally revealed this sports car for which we waited anxiously. It combines sports performance with a lightweight construction and high efficiency. This 2+2 vehicle is the first plug-in hybrid produced by the German car manufacturer and the second model from new brand BMW i.

23 de agosto de 2013

BMW joins the eDrive with the xDrive and puts it on the X5

BMW is going to use the Frankfurt Motor Show to show their latest hybrid concept the, the BMW Concept5 X5 eDrive. The German car manufacturer wants to combine the efficiency of a hybrid vehicle with the "driving pleasure taken the xDrive intelligent all-wheel-drive system" and the luxury of the X5.

22 de agosto de 2013

BMW creates a concept car for the Gran Turismo 6 video game

In early December, Sony will launch the sixth version of the popular game, Gran Turismo. BMW will take part in the launch with a virtual concept car exclusively made for this game that celebrates 15 years. The concept is called BMW Vision Gran Turismo and features many "aerodynamic elements derived from the BMW Group’s real-life experience on the race track".

15 de agosto de 2013

It seems that this is indeed the BMW M4 concept

Several hours ago i posted here two pictures of the alleged M4 Concept, and it seems that is true. BMW has now officially revealed the car and also gave us some information about it. To begin with, this new sports car will be publicly revealed at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance that starts in a few days.

Is this the BMW M4 concept?

A few images of the upcoming BMW M4 appeared online in a Belgian website, along with the promise that this concept will be displayed for the first time at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance that starts in a few days. This all still needs confirmation, but the car in the images looks to be the real thing.

7 de agosto de 2013

BMW reveals the technical specifications of the i8

Soon, the second production vehicle that uses the "i" moniker will be fully revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, still BMW is hard at work promoting this plug-in hybrid sports car. The latest event took place at the BMW Group’s Miramas test track in France where some people had the opportunity to test the i8.

31 de julho de 2013

This time it's official. Here's the BMW i3

A week ago, you saw here for the first time, images of the production version of the new BMW i3, but only now the German car manufacturer decided to completely reveal its new electric car. The presentation took place at the same time in London, New York and Beijing, since these are some of the cities in which this car will be more used, due to heavy traffic.

23 de julho de 2013

Another day, another leak, this time it's the BMW i3

Amazing how there is not one car manufacturer that can keep a secret. Some time ago, BMW announced that they were going to reveal the i3 to the world for the first time on July 29, but it seems someone ruined their plans and leaked the first images of the interior and exterior of the production version of this electric vehicle.

11 de julho de 2013

Meet the new BMW Concept Active Tourer Outdoor

Besides the Goodwood Festival of Speed, this weekend we also have the OutDoor Friedrichshafen fair in Germany, and BMW will take advantage of this meeting to introduce its latest concept, the Active Tourer Outdoor. This plug-in hybrid is a bit misleading. The name "Outdoor" brings us to a vehicle destined for other types of roads, perhaps more uneven, but that's not it.

3 de julho de 2013

BMW wasn't amused with the early reveal of the 2014 Mini. Makes fun of the situation

Two days ago, you saw here for the first time images of the next-generation Mini that were taken during an official photo. Mini, and its parent company, BMW, weren't happy, but they tried to make the best out of this situation, so, a few moments ago, BMW issued a press release comparing what happened to them with what happens to the Royal Family and other "VIPs".

2 de julho de 2013

BMW teases the new i3. Unveiling will take place on July 29 [Video]

A few hours ago, BMW released the first teaser, in the form of a video, of the new all-electric BMW i3, which will have its debut live on YouTube July 29th. In the video you can see below, BMW tells us it is time to "learn a new german word: Vorfreude", which can be roughly translated to "anticipation" or "excitement".

29 de junho de 2013

BMW presents their own Mountainbike All Mountain. Weird name!

If you want to have one of the best, more efficient and healthier means of transport, you need to have a bicycle. There are dozens of manufacturers, for example, Corratec, Specialized, Trek, Merida, etc, but car companies are getting in the business too. A example of this is BMW that introduced the Mountainbike All Mountain.

14 de junho de 2013

BMW 4-Series revealed. Still waiting for BMW to make it official

The BMW 4-Series, which is replacing the previous 3-Series coupe, was revealed today by BMW and is ready to rival the Audi A5 and the Mercedes C-Class coupe. The public presentation is still scheduled for the Frankfurt Motor Show in September with sales starting the following month.

10 de junho de 2013

BMW 2-Series crashed on the Autobahn

As with all new cars, they must be tested in real conditions and that's what is happening with the upcoming Series 2. The car has been caught several times in dozens of photos, testing on various roads throughout the world, but, as you know, driving is always risky, there is always the possibility of being involved in an accident.

30 de maio de 2013

Official picture of the 2014 BMW X5 appears online. More coming soon [Updated]

This was unexpected. We have seen many spy pictures of the upcoming BMW X5, but has never been given to understand that we would be close the presentation of this SUV. Today, BMW revealed a teaser showing the "kidney grille" of the X5 together with two sentences saying: "Something big is coming. The boss is back.". But this comes a few hours after the first image of the "big boss" leaked to the web.

27 de maio de 2013

Roberto Cavalli joined Mini, and created a special Paceman for the 2013 Life Ball

Life Ball is one of the biggest charity events in the world and possibly the biggest in Europe. It is organized by the nonprofit organization AIDS LIFE to help support people with with HIV or AIDS, and takes place in Vienna, Austria, since 1993. This is the thirteenth consecutive year that Mini supports this event with by donating a car.

25 de maio de 2013

BMW reveals the Concept Ninety, a motorcycle from the past

The division responsible for building motorcycles, BMW Motorrad, celebrates 90 years, and to commemorate that, the German company brought a special model to the 2013 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este, that was inspired by another model that celebrates 40 years, the BMW R 90 S.

24 de maio de 2013

Meet the BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupé [Video]

BMW teamed up with Pininfarina in creating this concept that was revealed during the 2013 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. The Gran Lusso Coupé is a one-off car that wants to raise the concept of luxury and elegance to another level, while keeping the typical BMW proportions.