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19 de setembro de 2013

Toyota shows a little more of the Yaris Hybrid-R

We already knew almost everything about this 400PS (395bhp or 294kW) pocket rocket. Now, we can get a better look of it. But first, i'll do a short summary of what we can expect from the 3-door Yaris. It comes with a 1.6-liter Global Race Engine (GRE) developed by Toyota Motorsport (TMG) and two electric motors.

22 de agosto de 2013

Toyota reveals a little more of the Yaris Hybrid-R concept

Toyota confirms what we already knew. The special hybrid car that is going to be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show is based on the Yaris. I am almost certain this car won't be produced, but the technology used in it might find its way into a production model, possibly the new Supra, but that is unknown for now.

12 de agosto de 2013

Seems the Toyota Hybrid-R concept isn't the new Supra, but a special Yaris

This is a sad day. When half the world thought that Toyota was going to show the successor to the Supra, we find out that the Hybrid-R is just a special version of the Yaris. Well, "just" is a little unfair, because the hybrid powertrain, based on the TS030 Hybrid Le Mans race car, generates over 400PS (395bhp or 294kW).

9 de agosto de 2013

Toyota introduces the Hilux Invincible. I am not sold about that

That is right, Toyota thought they should give the Hilux a new grade named Invincible with the "Active" or "Sport" versions, and Extra Cab or Double Cab body styles. We can agree that Toyota builds some of the toughest pickups in the world, but calling it the Hilux Invincible... I don't know.

7 de agosto de 2013

Toyota will debut the Hybrid-R concept in Frankfurt. Supra?

Toyota just announced they are going to reveal for the first time the Hybrid-R concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show. I have no idea what it could be or what is its purpose, but we do know it is going to showcase what they learned with the TS030 Hybrid Le Mans race car, and it can be applied to a road car.

25 de julho de 2013

2014 Toyota Harrier might preview the next-generation Lexus RX

The Toyota Harrier is only sold in the Japanese Market, but it normally serves as inspiration for the Lexus RX, meaning what we have here could be the what the Lexus RX will look like. The Harrier will have is said to have its debut this winter, so there is a chance we will also get to see the new RX later in the year.

13 de junho de 2013

Toyota Camatte57s. A car for you and your kids [Video]

Toyota reveals today a new sporty family-oriented concept at the 2013 Tokyo Toy Show, which runs from June 13 through June 16 at the Tokyo Big Sight in Koto Ward, Tokyo. This concept wants to join parents and children in the construction of their car. In simplest terms, it's a customization program for all. It even has a Sport version.

8 de junho de 2013

Toyota introduces the 2014 Corolla. They ruined it

Why Toyota? Why does the Japanese company like to introduce such beautiful concepts (Corolla Furia) and then ruin them when they transform into their respective production versions? Luckily, this is the North American version, so i can only hope when it gets to the European market, Toyota will do a few changes to the car.

2 de junho de 2013

Toyota teases the new Corolla. Again

This is the second image Toyota reveals teasing the next-generation Corolla, but i was also able to get a new image showing the head lamps. The good thing is that it looks a lot like the Corolla Furia concept that was revealed back in January. The official presentation is scheduled to happen on June 6, but we might get an early reveal (as with most cars).

22 de maio de 2013

Toyota teases the 2014 Corolla

Back in January, Toyota revealed for the first time the Corolla Furia concept which will lead to the next generation Corolla. That concept looked very promising, so we're excited to see the production model that was recently teased for the first time. The Japanese company wants us to get excited, "Prepare to meet the NEW 2014 Corolla. Get excited for June 6, really excited…".

28 de abril de 2013

Official: Here you have the Toyota 4Runner! [Video]

Finally, Toyota decided to reveal the redesigned fifth-generation 4Runner. The overall shape of this mid-size SUV is basically the same, but the front of this car suffered major changes, that give it an almost completely new, and a bit strange, look to the 2014 model.

26 de abril de 2013

Toyota shows the ME.WE electric concept

Toyota often creates very cool concepts, and the ME.WE, created in conjunction with the Massaud design studio, is no exception. It's a small car shaped like a box, with a simple exterior and interior, made from an aluminum tubular structure, polypropylene panels and bamboo, giving it a weight of just 750kg (1653lbs).

21 de abril de 2013

Toyota FT-HT Concept unveiled in Shanghai together with the Yaris and Vios for the Chinese market

Toyota used the Shanghai Motor Show to reveal two new concepts, the six-seater Toyota FT-HT Yuejia and the Yundong Shuangqing II, besides the production version of the new Yaris and the Vios. If you are wondering what Yuejia, Yundong and Shuangqing mean, those are coined words in Mandarin Chinese for “happy family”, “movement upon clouds” and “dual support".

19 de abril de 2013

The 2014 Toyota 4Runner will be revealed at the 2013 Stagecoach Country Music Festival

The redesigned 4Runner mid-size SUV will have its world premiere at the 2013 Stagecoach Country Music Festival on Saturday, April 27 at 13:15 PDT (20:15 GMT) in California (Indio, near Palm Springs). This is the first time Toyota will have a major public release at a large music festival.

27 de março de 2013

2014 Toyota Highlander shows up in the web ahead of the live presentation

In a few hours Toyota was going to introduced the new Toyota Highlander in a presentation taking place at the New York International Auto Show and everyone in the world could see it through a live webcast in their website, but a few images of the new SUV appeared online ruining their plan.

21 de março de 2013

New Toyota Highlander will gets its premiere at the New York International Auto Show

The new midsize crossover SUV produced by the Japanese company will have an completely new version introduced in a press conference at the New York International Auto Show, on March 27, at 9:10 a.m. Eastern Time (13:10 GMT) in the Galleria Level 4 at the Jacob Javits Center.

4 de março de 2013

Toyota i-Road Concept leaning on the way to Geneva

Toyota decided they were going to bring something different to the Geneva Motor Show. Here we have a small two seater small city car that will take the fight to the Renault Twizy starting with the Geneva Motor Show. Meanwhile Apple will sue Toyota because of the chosen name.

1 de março de 2013

Toyota FT-86 Open concept has its online presentation [Video]

With only a few days until the start of the Geneva Motor Show some companies continue to present their latest models, such as Toyota. The Japanese company will bring the concept of the convertible version of the GT86 aka Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZ's brother, saying it serves to ascertain the "possible launch" of the open top version.

22 de fevereiro de 2013

Toyota shows the new Auris Touring Sports

According to Toyota, the Auris Touring Sports will be first full hybrid wagon available in the C-segment, which is pretty cool, i am all for the hybrid cars but the Japanese car maker still can't make a good looking car. The good thing is it looks a little better in comparison with the Auris hatchback.

17 de fevereiro de 2013

Toyota FT-86 Open Concept caught naked in South Africa

Two weeks ago Toyota teased the FT-86 Open Concept, which is the convertible version of the GT 86, Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ, and now a few spy pictures showed up in the internet revealing the final look of the new car that will be shown at the Geneva Motor Show.