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14 de fevereiro de 2020

Skoda reveals the Enyaq. Second EV from the brand

Like most car manufacturers, Skoda will also have a full line-up of electric vehicles shown in the next years. First was the Citigo-e iV and now, based on the MEB platform from the Volkswagen Group, we know the name of the first electric SUV. Enyaq.

13 de fevereiro de 2020

New Volkswagen Arteon Shooting Break spy photos

One of the best looking German cars currently on the market will get a bigger ass and add to its name "Shooting Break". Expectations are high so let's hope Volkswagen delivers.

11 de fevereiro de 2020

New spy photo of the facelifted VW Tiguan appears online

With the facelifted version of the Tiguan coming later this years, Volkswagen is hard testing the new mechanical and aerodynamic parts. Here you do you have one of the clearest pictures yet of how the new Tiguan will look like.

17 de outubro de 2014

Meet the highly efficient Volkswagen XL Sport Concept

Seems Volkswagen wants to be green with the blue XL Sport Concept that has a red heart. Confused? Let me explain. This sporty blue car uses a modified V2 petrol engine from the new Ducati 1199 Superleggera, which is the most powerful motorcycle with a two cylinder engine.

8 de setembro de 2013

Volkswagen reveals the Golf Sportsvan concept

Volkswagen is bringing to the Frankfurt Motor Show the Golf Sportsvan concept, a car that is close to the production version of the Golf Plus. And it grew a lot, compared to the previous model, but it is smaller than the Estate. The length in comparison to the to Plus increased by 134mm, to 4,338mm.

4 de setembro de 2013

The Volkswagen Cross Lavida gets revealed.

The Lavida is a compact car that is only sold in the Chinese market. The second generation was introduced this year, and now it is time to reveal the cross-themed variant of the Volkswagen Gran Lavida (which is the station wagon). This type of vehicles are highly appreciated by Chinese drivers even if they don't actually leave the city.

20 de agosto de 2013

And here it is, the 300PS Volkswagen Golf R

This didn't take long. One day after Volkswagen showed the first teaser, the new Golf R gets its official reveal. And it is a little bit disappointing. I know Volkswagen has a very conservative approach to their cars, but the new R is in the top of the range in the Golf lineup and deserved a more aggressive styling. But i will let you comment on the darkened LED headlamps and tail lights, redesigned bumpers, and the new 18-inch wheels (with optional 19-inch wheels).

19 de agosto de 2013

Volkswagen teases the new Golf R, Will it have 300PS? [HQ Picture]

This was unexpected. With so many new cars having their official reveal scheduled for September at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it surprises me that Volkswagen is now starting to tease the Golf R. That is exactly why i believe it will be revealed in Frankfurt, supposedly with 300PS (296bhp or 221kW).

23 de junho de 2013

Is this the facelift the Volkswagen Tiguan?

The Tiguan has been on the market for many years and it is time to undergo a makeover. It seems that is what we have here. This picture appeared on a Russian website without any description, but from what i can see there are several large and obvious changes made to this CUV (crossover utility vehicle).

9 de maio de 2013

Volkswagen will also bring a special car to Wörthersee. It's called the Design Vision GTI [Update: May 9] New images and Video

The GTI meeting at Wörthersee (starts today) is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, festivals dedicated to single, and every year Volkswagen takes this opportunity to show a few more powerful cars. Seat and Skoda, which belong to Volkswagen, already announced they are showing the Leon Cup Racer and the Rapid Sport, and VW just announced they are bringing the Design Vision GTI. [Update] See the new gallery below

Volkswagen Amarok Power Pickup shows up in Wörthersee

Seems the Design Vision GTI isn't the only concept the German company will bring to the GTI Festival in Wörthersee, Germany. We will also get to see a more powerful version of the brands pickup, the Amarok Power Pickup, that most likely will never get into production.

6 de maio de 2013

Volkswagen celebrates the one millionth Scirocco with a special edition

The Volkswagen Scirocco first appeared in 1974, while the second generation was sold from 1981 to 1992. It was a successful car, with 795,650 vehicles sold, but the third generation only showed up in 2008, and has now reached the one millionth mark. This number is something that deserves to be celebrated, so VW created a special edition that will be sold exclusively in Germany and China.

1 de maio de 2013

Volkswagen Taigun got leaked in China through a few patent drawings

China is a country that is not very fond of patents and keeping stuff secret, and to prove that here are the first images of the soon to be introduced Volkswagen Taigun. We already know the overall shape of this small crossover, because Volkswagen introduced the Taigun Concept at the São Paulo Motor Show, and they are similar.

22 de abril de 2013

Volkswagen surprisingly reveals 4Fun Concept at the Shanghai Motor Show

As the title says, Volkswagen surprised us by revealing this new concept, which is a collaborative project between the German and several college students, whose aim was to create the "People's Car" for the Chinese market. The result is a mini-van with gullwing doors.

Volkswagen introduces the iBeetle and the iBeetle Cabriolet at the Shanghai Motor Show

You should be asking yourself, what this Beetle has so special to have gained an "i" before the name. But the answer is easy and quickly we notice the association with Apple. The main novelty is the addition of a docking station mounted on the dashboard, that together with a special app, allows the driver to integrate the car with their iPhone.

19 de abril de 2013

Volkswagen Saveiro gets a facelift for the Brazilian market

Volkswagen recently revealed the improved Saveiro, a kind of pickup, also known as an UTE in other markets, like Australia. The Saveiro has a new front similar to the one used in other models, such as the Golf (Gol) and the Polo, and will be available with three models: Trend, Trooper and Cross.

Official pictures of the CrossBlue Coupe Concept

As always, passed a few hours of the first teasers, here you have the first official images of the CrossBlue Coupe Concept. We can now see more clearly the final form of this large SUV that seems to want to rival the BMW X6. Don't miss the public presentation at the Shanghai Motor Show this Saturday.

18 de abril de 2013

Volkswagen CrossBlue Coupe Concept coming to Shanghai

In January, Volkswagen presented the CrossBlue diesel plug-in hybrid SUV concept at the North American International Auto Show, and today two images of a sportier version of this concept appeared online. This new concept is called the CrossBlue Coupe Concept and wants to rival the BMW X6, at least that is what seems to be its purpose.

15 de março de 2013

Electric Volkswagen up! gains an "e" before the name. e-up!

Even though sales of electric cars are smaller than was predicted, car companies continue to present fully electric models. This time it was Volkswagen that brought to the Annual Press and Investors Conference in Wolfsburg their first fully electric production vehicle, the five-door e-up!.

4 de março de 2013

Giugiaro (Volkswagen) Parcour X-GT concept looks funky

Volkswagen through ItalDesign Giugiaro presented a curious novelty at the Geneva Motor Show. It looks like some kind Rally Fighter rival and promises to offer supercar performance in all types of terrain. But the best news is that it uses parts from Lamborghini like the engine and gearbox.