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3 de setembro de 2013

Official: Here you have the 2014 Land Rover Discovery

Seems those patent drawings that i showed you the other day were real. Here you have the first official pictures of the 2014 Land Rover Discovery which is not that different from its predecessor. The public reveal will, of course, take place at the Frankfurt Motor Show that stars next week.

31 de agosto de 2013

The facelift of the Land Rover Discovery appears online

While I can not guarantee the veracity of these images, the source is trustworthy. In these patent drawings we see for the first time the final look of the upcoming Land Rover Discovery, even if the changes are small. From what i can see the headlamps, front grille, front bumper and wheels are the only parts that are new or redesigned.

2 de maio de 2013

Land Rover celebrates 65 years. Creates the Defender LXV Special Edition

The Defender LXV (65 in roman numerals) Special Edition was created to celebrate the brand's 65 years. It all started in 1948 with the "HUE 166", also known as the "Huey". This was the first Series I Land Rover, a vehicle that helped the Brithish company gain recognition for building robust vehicles for all types of terrain.

16 de abril de 2013

Will the Range Rover Sport get an even sportier version?

A month after the presentation of the new Range Rover Sport, new images appeared on the web of a camouflaged Range Rover Sport that has new bumpers, hinting that it may be a more powerful and sportier version of the large luxurious SUV built by the British brand.

5 de abril de 2013

Land Rover says the Range Rover Evoque convertible will not be built

For many this isn't good news. Many of you would love to see the Evoque convertible get into production, but i wouldn't. Part of the appeal of the Evoque comes from the sloping roof line that makes it so attractive. so removing its top is something i don't see favorably. Luckily, Land Rover agrees with me.

27 de março de 2013

2014 Range Rover Sport (L494) officially revealed!

And here you have it, the 2014 Range Rover Sport (codenamed L494). One badly kept secret has gotten its well deserved official presentation ahead of the New York International Auto Show. Land Rover took things to another level by reducing the weight of the car and by making it even more powerful and at the same time more fuel efficient.

13 de março de 2013

Seems the 2014 Range Rover Sport was caught naked

Here you have the first clear images of the upcoming Range Rover Sport. A vehicle that Land Rover says it will be the "fastest, most responsive and agile vehicle to date" coming from the British brand. We already knew it would be introduced one day before the the New York International Auto Show but i wasn't expecting it to show up in the web so soon.

11 de março de 2013

2014 Range Rover Sport gets teased by Land Rover with a video

Land Rover has just announced that the next-generation all-new Range Rover Sport (codenamed L494), the third model from the British company to be released in just two years, will have its premiere in the streets of New York one day before the New York International Auto Show, that starts on March 27.

16 de fevereiro de 2013

Range Rover Sport II (code named L494) loses some camouflage. Spied again.

And every time it loses a little bit of camouflage it looks even more like the Evoque. As you can see from the pictures the front bumper is clearly inspired by the one in the Evoque and so are the taillights but that isn't a bad thing, the Evoque is a good looking vehicle.

29 de dezembro de 2012

2014 Range Rover Sport spied again in England!

Two weeks ago you saw here pictures of the upcoming Range Rover Sport, now we have some more images of the car while testing in England. This time we get to see the back a little better.

28 de dezembro de 2012

Short News: Land Rover Freelander 3 spied testing in England

The next generation of the Land Rover Freelander is already on the road and was caught testing somewhere in England, although with plenty of camouflage, preventing us from having a good idea of the appearance of the car.

13 de dezembro de 2012

Short News: 2014 Range Rover Sport spied again

Here are some more pictures of the still camouflaged Range Rover Sport, code-named L405. We already know the new Range Rover, but the sport version looks lower and wider, it also has LED lights in the back and redesigned bumpers. 

4 de dezembro de 2012

Is this the Chinese version of the new Land Rover Defender, based on the DC100 concept? No, just a copy from BAIC

Seems someone in China, in particular in BAIC, really liked the DC100 Concept which was released a few months ago by Land Rover and decided they should do something similar.

2 de novembro de 2012

Jaguar and Land Rover will share platforms

Both companies are looking for ways to reduce the number of platforms they use and to achieve that objective they will share two or three platforms and it will serve 70 or 80% of the vehicles sold.