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5 de fevereiro de 2014

Honda introduces the Vision XS-1 at the 2014 Delhi Auto Show

Seems the Delhi Auto Show is the place where every car manufacturer wants to introduce to the world their new small crossover/suv concept. Honda doesn't want to be left out of the show and revealed the Vision XS-1. Another futuristic looking vehicle that at least has a distinctive feature.

16 de setembro de 2013

We found out a little more about the Honda Civic Type R [Video]

Honda did not reveal the long awaited Civic Type R, but did reveal a little more about this car that is to be on the market from 2015. Manabu Nishimae, President, Honda Motor Europe revealed this hot hatchback will be powered by a turbocharged 2- liter engine that generates at least 280PS (206kW or 276bhp).

15 de agosto de 2013

Honda teases the upcoming Civic Type R [Video]

The new Honda Civic Type R has been caught testing several times in the last days. That information, together with this video teaser tell me we should soon see the official presentation of his long-awaited hot hatchback. A good chance is that Honda is bringing it to the Frankfurt Motor Show, but we will have to wait and see.

11 de agosto de 2013

Honda gives us a "glimpse" of the new Civic Tourer [Video]

Honda decided to give us the first look of the new Civic Tourer on a Saturday night, which is a bit odd. But who cares, what matters is that you have here what look to be the production version of the new Civic station wagon. Much is said about the aesthetics of this truck, how it is sleek and sporty, but it is up to you to say what you think.

3 de agosto de 2013

Honda Jazz (Fit) Mugen also got an early reveal

Like the regular version, the Mugen edition of the Honda Jazz/Fit also got leaked, this time from a catalog. In it we can see two cars. The orange is the RS, while the white car is the less sportier S version. Both have suffered a few aesthetic changes which include new bumpers, 17-inch wheels, front splitter, rear diffuser and a roof spoiler.

24 de julho de 2013

Honda teases the Civic Tourer. Will show it at the Frankfurt Motor Show [Video]

This is unusual. Honda is announcing a new damper system that will have its premiere on the Civic Tourer, so they took this opportunity to show a little more of this new model. The only problem is that Honda decided to show it with camouflage, meaning they ended up showing almost nothing. I just hope is looks like the concept.

19 de julho de 2013

Honda teases new LMPV Concept. It is based on the Brio

The entry level MPV segment is one of the biggest in Indonesia, so it is no surprise that companies like Honda invest a lot in that segment. This LMPV (Low Multi-Purpose Vehicle) will have its debut at the 2013 Indonesia International Motor Show, scheduled for September 19-29, in Jakarta, but for now we only get to see a teaser.

16 de julho de 2013

Could this be the next-generation Honda Jazz (Fit)?

A Japanese car magazine called Best Car revealed what seems the best pictures of the new Honda Jazz/Fit shown to date. The car will be revealed before September, since that is the date sales will start. This little car has been a very well kept secret, until today. These two pictures completely reveal the front and side of this subcompact car.

16 de maio de 2013

Honda returns to the Formula One (F1) World Championship

Starting from the 2015 season, Honda will develop, manufacture and supply the power unit, which includes the engine and energy recovery system, in a new team called McLaren Honda. McLaren will be responsible for the development and manufacture of the chassis, and the management of the new team.

9 de abril de 2013

Honda and Acura will introduce three new concepts at the Shanghai Motor Show

With the approach of the Shanghai Motor Show, more and more car manufacturers are teasing the new models they are going to bring to China. The Japanese Honda, and their premium brand, Acura, were boycotted in China due to a territorial dispute between both countries, but Honda is still coming to the Chinese Motor Show with a few new models and concepts (The NSX isn't really new for us).

18 de março de 2013

2014 Acura MDX will be revealed at the New York International Auto Show

Acura MDX Prototype

With less than two weeks for the start of the New York International Auto Show companies are starting to reveal what they will bring to the Big Apple. This time it's Acura, Honda's luxury vehicle division, that started to share some things about their new mid-size luxury crossover.

3 de março de 2013

Here's the Honda Civic Tourer concept. Will also be in Geneva.

A few weeks ago i talked about a new concept that Honda was bringing to the Geneva Motor Show which is the wagon version of the Civic, and today a few pictures appeared of that car. Unfortunately nothing else is known but i am sure more details will soon show up.

8 de fevereiro de 2013

Honda will bring to Geneva the Civic Wagon concept, the NXS and a new engine.

Honda recently announced that they will show the Civic Wagon concept at the Geneva Motor Show, together with NSX concept that will keep the exterior look and will reveal a potential direction for the interior design and the CR-V will be available with the new Earth Dreams Technology 1.6 i-DTEC diesel engine

17 de janeiro de 2013

Honda reveals the Gear Concept in the Montreal Auto Show

The Montreal Auto Show takes place at the same time as the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, so it was a little surprising to find out that Honda had a world premiere in Canada.

15 de janeiro de 2013

Acura (Honda) NSX II concept, first look at the interior.

Over the last year Acura, or if you want, Honda, previewed several times the NSX in almost all the possible car shows in the world, but now, for the first time, we get to see the interior.

Honda Urban SUV Concept [Video]

Honda presented the Urban SUV Concept at the Detroit Auto Show indicating the styling direction for a future SUV that will be launched in Japan later this year and in the USA in 2014.

5 de janeiro de 2013

Honda working on a "baby NSX"

Honda was working on the the successor to the NSX, which will be a an all-wheel drive hybrid vehicle with a V10 engine, when the idea arose of creating a smaller version of the NSX which will also have four-wheel drive.

11 de dezembro de 2012

Short News: Honda Urban SUV Concept in Detroit 2013

Honda released today one teaser of the compact "Urban SUV Concept" that will debut in the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit next month.

4 de dezembro de 2012

2013 Honda CBR600RR will not continue to be overlooked

Seems the almost 5 year old Honda CBR600RR will get a refresh for 2013 (about time), including new fairings, allowing for a six percent reduction in drag, a fine-tuned ram-air system to increase torque in the midrange on the 599cc engine.

28 de novembro de 2012

Honda teases the 2013 Honda Civic SI

Check out the first teaser of the new 2013 Honda Civic, who will see its public reveal at the Los Angeles Motor Show tomorrow (29/11). It has a new rear wing and rear diffuser with bigger wheels.