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15 de junho de 2013

Renault introduces a new range of trucks [Video]

As with most vehicles, there comes a time when they need to be renewed, and that is what Renault's truck division did to their entire range. These new trucks have a more efficient design, are more reliable and are now ready to comply with the Euro 6 standard, meaning the engines have been improved in order to save fuel and emit less harmful gases, while having better performances.

23 de maio de 2013

Renault starts teasing the new range of trucks [Video]

Renault's truck division prepares itself to reveal to the world its new range of vehicles on June 11 in Lyon, France. With 19 days left for the presentation, the French brand started showing a few teasers of this new series of trucks. They even revealed a race truck based on the production model that will soon be revealed.

16 de dezembro de 2012

Short News: Volvo Trucks buys the last shares from Renault Trucks

The French automaker, Renault SA, sold the last shares (6,5%) they had in Volvo AB for 1.458 million Euros ($1.92 billion Dollars) ending a connection that lasted for 11 years as the largest owner of the Swedish company.

24 de novembro de 2012

Renault Premium HybrysTech will be the first hybrid garbage truck in Spain

The first garbage truck with hybrid technology was launched in Sweden over four years ago, it was a Volvo FEHybrid. Used by Renova and Ragn-Sells they operated in the Gothenburg and Stockholm regions. But now it is time for Spain to have it's own truck, this time it's a Renault with the body beeing supllied by Geesinknorba.

4 de novembro de 2012

Renault Trucks CX/03 Concept [Video]

We all know fuel won't last forever and one of the most gas guzzling vehicles out there are the big trucks that transport million of tons of goods everyday. Manufacturers are taking big steps to improve fuel efficiency and streamlining their vehicles.

3 de novembro de 2012

New Renault Magnum/Premium out testing

The importance of trucks in today's society is undeniable and everyday there are more trucks cruising our roads therefore manufacturers are taking a careful approach to their new vehicles.

Even they can't escape the camouflage treatment has you can see in the picture above.