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14 de fevereiro de 2020

FIAT C segment SUV appears online

What is this, FIAT? Well, i have no idea. Recently, appeared online a new photo of what seems to be an half painted clay model of a C segment SUV/Coupé from the Italian company.

12 de fevereiro de 2020

New spy photos of the next generation Fiat 500

In the following pictures we get to see what the overall shape of the next generation Fiat 500 will look like. The head lamps seem sleeker, the body shape is very similar to the current version but, unfortunately, the rear is well hidden and we don't get to see many details

11 de fevereiro de 2020

First official picture of the Fiat Strada Volcano


Our friends from South America will enjoy seeing what is the first official image of the new Fiat Strada Volcano that will be released later to the middle of the year.

18 de outubro de 2014

Fiat reveals the 500X and 500X Cross

Fiat adds two new members to the 500 family with the 500X and 500X Cross. The 500X wants to rival cars like the Nissan Juke and Renault Captur with a design clearly based on the small, and original, Fiat 500, and a modified platform of the Punto. So is it good?

21 de novembro de 2013

Is this the Fiat Viaggio hatchback?

We heard rumors that Fiat was going to replace the Bravo with a model based on the Viaggio, also known as Dodge Dart, and it seems this what was shown at the 2013 Guangzhou Auto Show. What you have here is the Fiat Ottimo that will be sold in China. Sales start next month with a starting price of 100.000 yuan (€12.000 or $16.000 or £10.000).

28 de junho de 2013

Fiat introduces the new Brazilian Idea

The Fiat 500L replaced the Idea in the European market, but this mini MPV is still sold in some markets, like Brazil. Yet, like all cars, it was time for a little refresh, and that is exactly what the Italian car manufacturer did to the Idea. They made a few changes to the car's interior and exterior, and more equipment.

18 de junho de 2013

Fiat presents another version of the 500. This time it's the 500L Living

Seems Fiat wants to base their entire range of cars on the 500. The Italian car manufacturer has the 500, 500C, 500L and 500L Trekking, with the 500L Living being the latest addition to Fiat's car lineup. There is also a few rumors that we might even get a 500 SUV and that the Punto replacement could be a larger version of the small 500.

10 de abril de 2013

Will Fiat show their new hatchback at the Shanghai Motor Show?

For some time its been said that the Fiat Bravo could be replaced by a new model based on the Viaggio, which is the Chinese version of the Dodge Dart, and today a pictured rumored to have been leaked by Fiat appeared showing a hatchback that could be the car that may replace the Bravo.

1 de março de 2013

Abarth brings four special Fiat 500 to Geneva

Besides the Abart Punto SuperSport the Italian brand, owned by Fiat, will also bring four new sportier versions of the Fiat 500. The cars based on the 500 are named Abarth 695 'Record', Abarth 695 'Scorpione', Abarth 695 'Hype' and Abarth 695 'Black Diamond'. It's an overload of Abarth 695's.

27 de fevereiro de 2013

Meet the improved (Fiat) Abarth Punto SuperSport

Abarth will bring one sportier version of the Fiat Punto to the Geneva Motor Show. The Punto is now called the Abarth Punto Supersport and will come with an upgraded 1.4 liter Multijet engine with 180hp (132kW) at 5750rpm allowing it to reach a top speed of 216km/h (134mph) and acceleration of 0-100km/h (62mph) in just 7.5 seconds.

6 de fevereiro de 2013

The Fiat 500 will get a bigger brother. Here comes the 500XL

The Italian brand is really determined to fully exploit the name 500, creating another version that has nothing small. This will be called the 500XL and will have a length of 4350mm, 200mm more over the 500L, and almost 800mm more over the normal Fiat 500.

5 de fevereiro de 2013

Marchionne says Fiat and Chrysler will merge next year. Alfa Romeo isn't for sale.

Sergio Marchionne, which we all know is the President of the Fiat Group, said recently in an interview that he wants to buy the remaining 41.5% of Chrysler directly from Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association (VEBA), which is an United Auto Workers pension fund.

20 de janeiro de 2013

Alfa Romeo will return to the North American market late this year

Sergio Marchionne, chief executive of both Fiat SpA and Chrysler Group LLC, confirmed on Friday that the Italian brand will return to USA in late 2013 with the Alfa Romeo 4C.

4 de janeiro de 2013

Short News: Fiat Panda 4x4 having fun in the snow [Video]

The people who created this ad for the Fiat thought that the standard Panda 4x4 was not good enough to demonstrate the off-road ability of this little car, so they created this small monster with a height of 390 centimeters, 380cm long and 250cm wide, and the wheels have a 150cm diameter and are 50cm wide.

25 de dezembro de 2012

Fiat Panda and Panda 4x4 coming to China!

The Pandas are coming and i don't mean the bear but the small car from the Italian company. Fiat intends to patent the Panda 4x4 and Panda in the Chinese market so production can be begin by the new Guangzhou-Fiat joint venture.

8 de dezembro de 2012

Marchione re-elected president of the ACEA. Peace with VW CEO Martin Winterkorn? No.

Fiat SpA Chief Executive Officer Sergio Marchionne and Volkswagen CEO Martin Winterkorn aren't what you would call good friends, i would say that they are precisely the opposite of that but seemed to have made ​​peace at the Paris Motor Show on September, 28.

28 de novembro de 2012

2013 Fiat 500L Trekking

Together with the North American version of the 500L, Fiat will also show the new 500L Trekking in the Los Angeles Motor Show that starts today. The most obvious change between the European and N.A. version are the new headlights.

18 de novembro de 2012

2013 Fiat 500E - Production version of the electric 500

We first the saw the small electric 500 concept almost three years ago and now Fiat has finally introduced the production version which will debut at the Los Angeles Motor Show in the end of this month.

6 de novembro de 2012

Fiat Bravo Xtrem concept

Fiat presented in the São Paulo Auto Show this radical with bigger front grille, LED headlamps and taillights, new front and rear bumper with an integrated diffuser, new dual exhaust pipes and 19" alloy wheels.

31 de outubro de 2012

Fiat 500L with 165bhp

An editor from the italian website AutoEdizione was in Balocco to test the new Panda 4x4 when he noticed a weird looking 500L painted in red with duck tape hiding part of the lights and grill. Fiat was clearly showing a sportier version of the Fiat 500L and even put in big letters on the side of the car the engine it had, which is a 1.4 MultiAir Turbo DDCT with 165hp.