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8 de outubro de 2013

Mitsubishi will reveal three new concepts at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

The next edition of the Tokyo Motor Show will take place from November 23 to December 1, and promises to be a exciting one. With well over a month to its beginning, Mitsubishi started to reveal a little of what is going to bring to this Motor Show, and from what we can see in these teasers, it looks good.

21 de maio de 2013

Mitsubishi reveals the Attrage. Needs to hire new designers

In early April, Mitsubishi revealed at the Bangkok International Motor Show a new concept called G4, which meant Global 4-door sedan. Today, the Japanese company decided to reveal the production version of the G4, and i couldn't be more disappointed about this "next-generation global compact sedan".

9 de abril de 2013

Mitsubishi G4 concept introduced at the Bangkok International Motor Show

Sometime ago, Mitsubishi issued a press release announcing the presentation at the Bangkok International Motor Show of a new concept called G4, but since then they have not said anything else about it. Now i have obtained a few new pictures of the G4, which stands for Global 4-door sedan.

4 de março de 2013

Mitsubishi will present the G4 concept at the Bangkok International Motor Show

While all eyes are turned to the Geneva Motor Show at the end of March will be held the 34th Bangkok International Motor Show that will also get a premiere. Mitsubishi will introduce the Concept G4 (Global 4-door sedan) that will preview a global compact sedan.

Here's the GR-HEV and CA-MiEV concepts Mitsubishi will bring to Geneva

A few weeks ago you saw here two teasers of two cars Mitsubishi was going to reveal at the Geneva Motor Show, but today, like most cars that are going to be revealed in Geneva, we get the first view of the cars, and they look good. It's always nice to see something different from a brand that has been making a few "ugly" cars.

13 de fevereiro de 2013

Mitsubishi brings the GR-HEV and CA-MiEV concepts to Geneva

Mitsubishi still believes electric cars are the future, even if nobody buys them, and must be the reason they will introduce two new concepts at the Geneva Motor Show, the GR-HEV, The Sport Utility Hybrid Truck, and the CA-MiEV, The Suburban EV.

10 de janeiro de 2013

Mitsubishi Mirage will be called the Space Star in Europe [Video]

A few months ago Mitsubishi announced that they were bringing to Europe the Mirage, but only to find out the name was already registered, so they decided to call it the Space Star, which is a little confusing since the Space Star was a small MPV sold by Mitsubishi between 1998 and 2005.

17 de novembro de 2012

Take a peak at the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander

Like so many carmakers, Mitsubishi will also introduce a new model at the Los Angeles Motor Show that will take place in the end on November. This new Outlander will be, according to Mitsubishi, "among the most fuel-efficient compact CUV with 7-passenger seating as standard.", thanks to a new engine equipped with a new version of the MIVEC continuously-variable valve lift timing system for better fuel economy.