10 de julho de 2013

Jaguar will also bring a special car to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Meet the Project 7 [Video]

This special Jaguar F-Type has the name Project 7 as a way to pay homage to Jaguar’s seven Le Mans wins, while its blue paintwork is reminiscent of the victorious D-types of 1956/1957. It is a single-seater one-off design created by the team led by Director of Design, Ian Callum, and could serve to preview the upcoming R version of the F-Type.

Project 7 uses same the 5.0-liter supercharged V8 petrol engine also used in other models like the XJR and XKR-S. It generates 550PS (543bhp or 405kW) and 680Nm (502lb/ft) of torque. The engine is connected to a eight-speed 'Quickshift' automatic transmission that also drives the rear wheels. It only takes 4.2 seconds to reach 100km/h (62mph), while having an electronically limited top speed of 300km/h (186mph) is more than enough to make our heart go faster.

The exterior features a fairing behind the driver's head with a rollover hoop, meaning it doesn't have the folding roof. Other exterior modification include a carbon-fiber front splitter, side skirts, large rear diffuser, a fixed rear spoiler with a 14-degree angle of attack, a lowered windshield and a redesigned front bumper with larger openings.

Inside, we also see a few changes. To start there is only one seat, the passenger seat was replaced by a unique helmet holder with its own harness. The driver bucket seat has been lowered by 30mm, is now made out of a composite material and has a four-point racing harness.

Source: Jaguar