5 de novembro de 2012

Renault and Caterham announce partnership

Renault and Caterham, like it was posted earlier, confirmed they will work together to develop sports cars. The first two cars born out of this marriage are expected to show their faces between 2015 and 2016.

Both brands are already working together through a partnership in Formula 1 and now want to deepen this form to introduce innovative vehicles with the Alpine DNA. The new Alpine will be held by the two brands equally, and the Caterham will acquire 50% from Renault. The new company, named Société des Automobiles Alpine Caterham (SAAC), will be formed in January 2013 and Bernard Ollivier will be the big boss.

The new vehicles are going to be built in the historical Renault factory in Dieppe, France that now belongs to RenaultSport division and is where the RS car are built.

In the press release we could read some words from the CEO and Chairmen of Renault, Caterham and SAAC.

Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO of Renault:
"This innovative partnership with Caterham embodies a longstanding ambition: the creation of a sports car with the Alpine DNA. It carries both opportunities for the Dieppe plant and the development of its historic know-how."

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Caterham Group Chairman:
"I have not felt as excited about a new venture since I launched AirAsia in 2001 and I want to thank Carlos Ghosn and Carlos Tavares and everyone in our new Renault family for having the belief in Caterham Group to create this partnership. Many people doubted us 11 years ago when we launched our airline and I am sure that there will be doubters again this time, but we will not fail your trust. We know the markets we are going into and, particularly in my playground in Asia, there is a huge opportunity to replicate the AirAsia model and give consumers access to exciting, affordable products that marry our interests in F1 and technology and help make their dreams come true."

Carlos Tavares – COO Renault:
"Our ambitions of reviving Alpine depended on our ability to find a partner in order to ensure the economic profitability of such an adventure. Right from the start, we wanted to place the Dieppe plant at the heart of the project. Today, through our partnership with Caterham Group, we can enter a new phase: the design of a vehicle that will embody the very essence of Alpine, a vehicle that will rekindle sporting passion once more. It could become a reality within the next three or four years."

Dato Kamarudin Meranun, Caterham Group Deputy Chairman
"Formula 1 was always our entry point into the car business. Our original plans to develop a partnership with Lotus were put aside in spectacular and well documented style, but now we have a far better chance to develop Caterham Cars in partnership with Renault, working with Caterham Technology who are also integrally involved in this new venture. Our F1 team has already been working successfully with Renault Sport F1 since the start of the 2011 F1 season and I am thrilled that now we are adding to our track partnership by joining forces with Renault on the road. Together with Renault we have now created an opportunity for Caterham Cars to grow into the next stage of its development from a very well respected niche brand into a serious player on the global motoring map. "

For Bernard Ollivier, CEO of Société des Automobiles Alpine Caterham:
"I'm very proud of the trust placed in me by both shareholders. The road map for each car is clear and simple: respect the DNA of both Alpine and Caterham Cars. With the passion and expertise of the staff dedicated to this project, we are sure of meeting this aim".

We are going to eagerly wait for more news about the models Renault and Caterham will release.