1 de dezembro de 2012

The Smart E-Bike. Will take you everywhere, easily [Video]

Imagine living in a city full of hills and you love riding your bicycle but don't want to get to work or school all sweaty and smelling bad because, well, it isn't good. But don't fear, the future is here!

To help solve those problems Smart created this bicycle with a 250W electric engine mounted on the rear axle that is able to achieve 25km/h (close to 16mph) but the engine only works when you want it, so you can ride it like a normal bicycle.

It uses a lithium ion battery with a range of 100km that can be removed for charging or can be charged when the driver uses the brakes.

Another inovation is the USB port that is fitted in the handlebar to connect your smartphone and charge it when you pedal.

The Pedelec system multiplies the force applied by the rider, eliminating the effort it would be done on a climb with a normal bike.

It is expensive and at the price of almost €3000 or $3900 you could buy an electric scooter but the style is unmistakable and you don't need a license or insurance. The e-Bike weighs 26kg.

Source: VeiculosElectricosPT