6 de fevereiro de 2013

[Updated] Official images of the BMW 3-series GT show up in the internet

The pictures do look real and are similar to what we had already seen in spy photos. The Gran Turismo has, like the 5-Series, a higher and larger rear section that will take some time to fully appreciate it, and while we didn't expect any changes in the front it features an updated grille and new bumpers.

The 5-Series GT was considered a flop, it didn't sell what BMW was expecting and pretty much the public did not like the weird rear section. But it seems BMW isn't giving up on this idea. The new car is 200 millimeters longer, 110 millimetre longer wheelbase and stands 81 millimeters taller than the Touring

The engines will be the same available on the rest of the 3-Series range, and the public presentation will happen at the Geneva Motor Show in a few weeks. Below we have the normal GT and the M Sports Package.

Source: autowp
Interior images: bmwblog