18 de março de 2013

2014 Mercedes S-Class caught undisguised, plus official interior pictures

In 2011 Daimler announced that the Maybach brand would cease to exist due to poor sales, with the last car being produced in December 2012, Daimler also said that the new Mercedes S-Class was going to replace the Maybach as the most luxurious car coming from the German brand that will rival Bentley and Rolls Royce, and that is the car you can see below.

The new Mercedes S-Class has the same style of headlamps now found on the most recent models, with LED headlights and a rather large grille on the front. In the back we will also LEDs in the taillights and a shape similar to the one found in the CLS.

As for the technology, the new S-Class will premiere several new cool things like active seat belts, distronic plus adaptive cruise control with steering assist, automatic emergency braking system, attention assist system, the Continental camera-based pedestrian detection system, and many more that will be detailed when Mercedes officially present the new S-Class.

Inside we will also have LED lighting, a lot of wood and leather, a Burmester sound system and two 12.3 inch screens for the instrument cluster and the infotainment system.

You can expect five different versions of the S-Class. By the end of the year Mercedes will release the coupe, convertible and the sedan will be available in three different lengths, with the longer one being the actual replacement of the Maybach 57 which will be called the S-Class Pullman.

Find out more when Mercedes reveals the S-Class on May 15 in Hamburg.

Source: chris doane automotive