31 de março de 2013

Poor Lewis Hamilton. He wanted to make a pit stop with his former team [Video]

For the last five years Lewis Hamilton raced for the McLaren team, but this year he signed a contract with Mercedes. Both teams use a similar color scheme, but that doesn't justify that you try to make your pit stop with your former team. Well, that is exactly what happened with Hamilton during the Malaysian Grand Prix.

In the video below we can see Hamilton driving to McLaren's pit box while the mechanics wave him through, while his girlfriend watched and laughed at that scene, soon realizing his mistake he drove the the right place.

In the end he finished third ahead of his team mate, Nico Rosberg. But that place was achieved thanks to the intervention from team boss Ross Brawn. After the race was finished Nico was recorded saying to Brawn, "Remember this one".

Even McLaren made fun fun of this situation by saying in twitter, "Feel free to pop in and say "hi" any time". Hamilton wasn't so happy, apologizing to his team and adding that he didn't understand how he could have done such an easy mistake and promising it wouldn't happen again.