5 de abril de 2013

Land Rover says the Range Rover Evoque convertible will not be built

For many this isn't good news. Many of you would love to see the Evoque convertible get into production, but i wouldn't. Part of the appeal of the Evoque comes from the sloping roof line that makes it so attractive. so removing its top is something i don't see favorably. Luckily, Land Rover agrees with me.

Land Rover has said that the concept, which was released at the Geneva Motor Show last year, will not see the daylight, but will instead release a special version with a panoramic glass roof. So in the end everyone is happy.

And that will be the last special version of the Evoque. Land Rover added that they do not want to produce more special versions, since there are still a few Victoria Beckham editions for sale.

Source: caranddriver