5 de abril de 2013

Renault Twin'Run Concept - Is this the replacement for the Renault 5? LeCar in the USA [Video]

A few weeks ago Renault started teasing the Ross Lovegrove concept, and in one of the pictures we had a pretty clear view of the back of the car. If we compare that picture with the image we got from the Twin'Run concept, we can clearly see they are pretty much a match, meaning the Lovegrove concept could serve as a preview for the Twin'Run.

While rumors point to a substitute for the Renault Twingo, even the size is basically the same, but the exterior is quite similar to the one found in the Renault 5. So could this be some type of revival of the Renault 5 moniker?

The air vents seen in front of the rear wheels and in the rear windows indicates that the engine is placed behind the driver. This is another proof pointing to the revival of the Renault 5, and in particular, a tribute to the R5 Turbo.

It sounds good too, and since it will share the platform with the Smart Fortwo, it wouldn't have a problem with a big engine in the back. See the video below, filmed in Madrid, Spain, to confirm that.

Fun fact: The Renault 5 was sold in the USA as the LeCar, beat that Ferrari!

Source: autoblog.es