7 de maio de 2013

Skoda creates the Rapid SPORT concept. Brings it to Wörthersee

The Wörthersee meeting was created for those who owned a Volkswagen GTi, but over time, has grown and is now a festival dedicated to the German brand. Seat and Skoda are both owned by Volkswagen, so it isn't unexpected to see those two brands bringing a few new cars to this meeting.

Seat has already shown the "Leon Cup Racer", and now it's time for Skoda to display this concept called "Rapid Sport". It was created to "show off the possibilities inherent in the Rapid" and to demonstrate the versatility of the brand's model lineup.

Nothing was revealed about the powertrain, but the exterior looks funky. It is painted in metallic "Corrida Red" and "Steel Gray", and sits on 19 inch alloy wheels. The rear and front bumpers have large air intakes with a weird mesh.

Skoda could be testing the public's reaction to a sportier variant of the Rapid, although this should not be a priority, as it will soon present the Octavia RS.

Source: Skoda