8 de junho de 2013

Toyota introduces the 2014 Corolla. They ruined it

Why Toyota? Why does the Japanese company like to introduce such beautiful concepts (Corolla Furia) and then ruin them when they transform into their respective production versions? Luckily, this is the North American version, so i can only hope when it gets to the European market, Toyota will do a few changes to the car.

Compared to the previous Corolla, this new car is 4639mm (182.6in) long, 1776mm (69.9in) wide and 1455mm (57.3in) tall, meaning it is 99mm (3.90in) longer, 16mm (0.63in) wider and the wheelbase increased by 100mm (3.93in) to 2700mm (106.3in), while the height decreased by 100mm (0.39in).

By increasing the wheelbase, the Toyota Corolla now has a larger legroom for the rear seat occupants and an overall increase in the interior space. Toyota also paid special attention to the engine and environmental noise that reaches the interior by using "acoustic glass windscreen, improved floor carpet insulation, an instrument panel seal between the cowl and the windshield, a fender sound insulator, and an inner dash silencer pad".

When it goes on sale it will be available in four distinct grades. L, LE, S, and the new LE Eco grade. Toyota offers 2 all-aluminum four-cylinder 1.8 liter engines. One has 134PS (132bhp or 98kW) and comes equipped on the L, LE, and S grades, while the LE Eco trim level has 142PS (140bhp or 104kW). The more powerful engine has a combined fuel consumption of 5.88l/100km (40 USA mpg or 48 UK mpg).

Available with both engines is a continuously variable transmission (CVTi-S) that also helps improve fuel economy. Prices and other options will be revealed closer to the launch date. Pictured below, are the LE Eco and S trims.

Source: Toyota