20 de junho de 2013

Volvo introduces a self-parking car [Video]

One day cars will drive for us, we won't have to do anything (for me, that will be a sad day), and that day is closer than we think. It all started a long time ago with robots taking our place in factories, the human being is being replaced in everything, and they will soon take our place behind the wheel.

Volvo is demonstrating a new system in which you leave the car, use a mobile phone application to order your car to find a free parking space, the car finds a spot and parks itself. You won't have to worry about it, it won't go on a killing spree driving over people and crashing against other cars. The autonomous system interacts safely with other cars and pedestrians, thanks to the many sensors the car has.

When you it to come back (it almost looks like i am talking about a dog), you just have to press a button and the car will return to the spot you left it.

Volvo says the next XC90, which be introduced at the end of 2014, will have an autonomous steering system. I am truly scared.

Source: Volvo