24 de julho de 2013

Honda teases the Civic Tourer. Will show it at the Frankfurt Motor Show [Video]

This is unusual. Honda is announcing a new damper system that will have its premiere on the Civic Tourer, so they took this opportunity to show a little more of this new model. The only problem is that Honda decided to show it with camouflage, meaning they ended up showing almost nothing. I just hope is looks like the concept.

Starting with the rear Active Damper System, this is the first time such system is applied to a production model. It was developed to improve the stability and comfort under the varying load and driving conditions that the Civic Tourer is expected to experience.

Another curious thing about Honda's press release is how they wanted to make it very clear that the Honda Civic Tourer was developed and designed in Europe. It almost looks they are afraid that it won't appeal to European tastes or that people will be "afraid" that the car was made anywhere else, when it actually will be built in the UK.

The public reveal will take place at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show in September, with sales starting in early 2014.

Source: Honda