9 de julho de 2013

Suzuki shows the new Swift 4x4

Suzuki already sells the 4x4 Swift in Japan as well as in several European Countries including Germany and Switzerland, but with the recent facelift, it is time to reveal the updated Swift 4x4 and bring it to the United Kingdom. Sales start this month but you only have one engine option, a 1.2-liter unit mated to a manual transmission.

But you have two grades available. Both have their body ride height increased by 25mm (almost one inch), the SZ3 looks like the regular SZ3 five door, while the SZ4 has front and rear skid plates, black wheel arch extensions and black side skirts to make the car look more rugged.

This small car has a fully automatic and permanent four-wheel drive system which transfers additional torque to the rear wheels when required via a viscous coupling, that only adds 65kg (143lbs) to the weight of the car.

The SZ3 costs £11,516 (€13,650 or $17,500) and the SZ4 has a starting price of £13,116 (€15,550 or $19,900).

Source: Suzuki