23 de julho de 2013

Will Citroen reveal a new and cheaper SUV? AutoJournal thinks so

Yesterday, French car magazine AutoJournal, started teasing a picture of what Citroen will soon introduce as a really cheap SUV, possibly aimed at the Dacia Duster. This vehicle is clearly inspired by the C-Cactus concept shown at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show, meaning that Citroen needed six years to reveal the production version.

This SUV will have a starting price, in France, of just €12,000 ($15,840 or £10,320), meaning that it is over €3,000 ($4000 or £2600) cheaper than the Peugeot 2008 (€15,200, $20,050 or £13,050) and Renault Captur (€15,500, $20,500 or £13,350). The Duster has a starting price of €11,900 ($15,700 or £10,250).

According to this magazine, Citroen promises a vehicle with a "fun look and with lots of customization options". Meanwhile, a picture of the magazine cover appeared online at the worldscoop forum, ruining the French magazine teaser, since it was going to be shown tomorrow.

Source: autojournal and worldscoop