25 de novembro de 2012

2013 Bimota DB11 and DB11 VLX - Another fantastic machines from Italy

The Italians continue to design some good looking machines and Bimota isn't an exception. Even if the aspect of the bike hasn't change for a while it sill looks distinctive and garage worthy.

Bimota will sell 2 versions of the DB11, a more basic version with a 1198cc Ducati Testastretta engine producing 162hp (160bhp or 119kW) and 131Nm (97lb/ft), the fully adjustable forks come from Marzocchi while the adjustable rear shock is from Extreme Tech, and a VLX version with the same engine but with a Sprintex dual-screw supercharger putting out 191hp (188bhp or 140kW) and 142Nm (105lb/ft) but the rear and front suspension is made by Öhlins. Both use Brembo brakes and the exhaust system is made by Athena but designed by Bimota. The weight will be close to 181kg (400lbs).

Price will be well over €15.500 or $20.000.