22 de novembro de 2012

The Ferrari Enzo replacement has its technical details revealed [Renders]

The picture above represents the view of deviantart user David Williams aka wizzoo7 to what the upcoming Ferrari Enzo, codenamed F150, should look like and i love it. But for now we only have the technical details to share.

It will have over 800bhp weighing only 1100kg, and Ferrari promises it will be the most similar vehicle with an F1 car in the road right now, also claiming that a it will use carbon fiber in a more sophisticated way for its construction.

The F150 is based around a compact central carbonfibre monocoque weighing just 70kg (20% lighter than an Enzo’s). It is powered by a V12 engine helped by a small electric motor and lithium ion battery packs.

The 6,3liter V12 comes from the F12 and produces 731bhp and in the F150 will surely produced more, something closer to 750, and the electric motor helps to power the F150 with 100bhp more and 271Nm (200lbs/ft). Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa said that the Hy-KERS hybrid system will give the F150 a “performance boost, knocking 10 per cent off the car’s 0-125mph sprint time”, helping lower the F150’s CO2 emissions by 40% if it only used the internal combustion engine.

The seat will be fixed and molded for the driver like a F1 car but the pedal box and steering wheel are adjustable with most of the controls mounted on the steering wheel. Price will be close to a million whatever currency you have.

Source: AutoCarUK