24 de novembro de 2012

Renault Premium HybrysTech will be the first hybrid garbage truck in Spain

The first garbage truck with hybrid technology was launched in Sweden over four years ago, it was a Volvo FEHybrid. Used by Renova and Ragn-Sells they operated in the Gothenburg and Stockholm regions. But now it is time for Spain to have it's own truck, this time it's a Renault with the body beeing supllied by Geesinknorba.

From 0 to 20km/h (12,5mph) it uses its electric drivetrain to move the vehicle allowing a saving of 20% in fuel consumption and avoiding the emission of 12 tonnes of CO2 annually. Outside the urban area it will use the diesel engine. It will operate in Barcelona by Urbaser.

Source: RevistaEuroTransporte