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19 de março de 2013

The unseen concepts of the La Ferrari (Project F150 aka F70).

When a company decides to create a new model they give a certain stylistic freedom to their designers to create their vision of that future vehicle, and Ferrari is no exception with the La Ferrari. When one design is chosen by the management team, board of directors or even the President, that single design gets to be detailed to a deeper level. But what you have below is the designs that never got to see the daylight.

5 de março de 2013

Here you have it, the La Ferrari. We knew it as the F150, F70 and the Enzo replacement [Video]

This is a little weird, the Italian company decided to call their new supercar, the car we all have been eagerly waiting, La Ferrari or The Ferrari. Are they telling us this is the ultimate Ferrari, the ultimate supercar, the best ever? Well, it is indeed the fastest but it isn't an amazing looking car. If you can see it live at the Geneva Motor Show

17 de fevereiro de 2013

Is this the new Ferrari F150? No, still it looks great.

We are all eagerly awaiting for the new Enzo replacement also known as the Ferrari F150 (or F70) that will be introduced at the Geneva Motor Show but recently the designer Josiah LaColla decided he wanted to show his own vision of the car according to what was seen in earlier spy pictures.

30 de janeiro de 2013

Ferrari F150, Still doesn't have an official name, but will have 950hp!

Milano Artworks
In the last few days Ferrari has shown the Enzo replacement to some very special clients, and by special i mean full of money, and seems one of those clients revealed many of the cars technical details, including power, acceleration, top speed, presentation date and the price.

14 de dezembro de 2012

The Ferrari Enzo successor aka F70, codenamed F150 Maranello

Would you look at that, Ferrari even shares with us some teasers of the upcoming Ferrari Enzo replacement. But that is all we get to know for now, except it will debut in a few months.

4 de dezembro de 2012

The picture of the Ferrari F70 we saw two days ago has been retouched

A new picture recently appeared, after a lot of photoshop, showing what the Enzo replacement might look like, after an image appeared two days ago from a special event held in China. Ferrari has recently opted for more straight lines in their designs and some lines in this image we see are more curvy, so we are still a little bit suspicious.

2 de dezembro de 2012

Is this the front of the new Ferrari F70 (Enzo II)?

A picture, probably from a reunion or a special event, showed up in a Facebook page called F70Ferrari with a vehicle that looks like the Ferrari Enzo replacement. The name isn't known yet but we will call it F70 for now.

22 de novembro de 2012

The Ferrari Enzo replacement has its technical details revealed [Renders]

The picture above represents the view of deviantart user David Williams aka wizzoo7 to what the upcoming Ferrari Enzo, codenamed F150, should look like and i love it. But for now we only have the technical details to share.