29 de novembro de 2012

Toyota Motosport (TMG) shows their new creation, the Lexus LS460

We all recognize that the Lexus LS is a very valid alternative to the German trio of BMW, Audi and Mercedes, but now the folks at Toyota Motorsport took the car to another level and created the TMG Sport 460 to be displayed at the Essen Motor Show.

This beast packs a crazy 650hp from its twin turbo 5.0liter V8 engine and, with the help of an eight speed automatic gearbox, is able to achieve a top speed of 320km/h (200mph). The aerodynamics was changed, and along with a spoiler, the downward force was increased helping keep the car glued to the road. The breaking system was also improved to assist the driver when he wants to stop those 650 horses.