1 de dezembro de 2012

What does it take to design and build a truck? Volvo Trucks design team tells us how they did it [Video]

All of us who like vehicles of all types, also find interesting how they are created and how they go from a simple drawing to the final form. And the guys all Volvo Trucks showed us how they do it.

Creating a car is not easy and a truck is even worse. It is a huge design challenge to create lines that are both attractive and functional. According to Rikard Orell, Design Director at Volvo Trucks, “Coming up with solutions where design and function go hand-in-hand was one of our most important tasks” and "The design challenge we were given was to create something that was exciting and fresh, while at the same time retaining and carrying over all those elements that were so highly appreciated in the previous model"

It was a process that took over 5 years where everything was checked, from the sound and feel of every button, plastics and textiles to how each part is connected with each other on the inside and outside, and many meetings and decisions later we get the final product.

Source: CommercialMotor