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15 de junho de 2013

Renault introduces a new range of trucks [Video]

As with most vehicles, there comes a time when they need to be renewed, and that is what Renault's truck division did to their entire range. These new trucks have a more efficient design, are more reliable and are now ready to comply with the Euro 6 standard, meaning the engines have been improved in order to save fuel and emit less harmful gases, while having better performances.

Try and guess what speed this truck is going [Video]

Although i do not agree with what the truck driver is doing, nor with the driver of the van which is filming, i think i should show the speeds that a truck of this type can achieve in an open highway. I won't spoil it, but this happens in Portugal where the speed limit for these trucks is 90km/h (56mph), and this one is going well over that limit.

23 de maio de 2013

Renault starts teasing the new range of trucks [Video]

Renault's truck division prepares itself to reveal to the world its new range of vehicles on June 11 in Lyon, France. With 19 days left for the presentation, the French brand started showing a few teasers of this new series of trucks. They even revealed a race truck based on the production model that will soon be revealed.

18 de maio de 2013

The Australians created a Stop sign that is shown through the water

This is actually pretty cool. According to an Australian TV channel, there is, per month, 3 or 4 incidents with trucks trying to enter tunnels which are too high to them, causing several serious accidents. To avoid that, those responsible for the tunnels of Sydney, created a system in which an image of a stop sign is reflected in a water curtain when drivers ignore all other warnings. See it below.

26 de abril de 2013

Mercedes Unimog and Econic introduced by Daimler

Mercedes-Benz will renew the entire line of trucks to meet the Euro 6 standard until the end of the year, since this rule enters into force as early as 2014. The renovation is already well advanced and recently the Unimog and Econic were the ones getting a makeover and new engines, while the Zetros will get its renewal later in the year.

15 de abril de 2013

MAN revealed their new trucks at the 2013 Bauma in Germany

Bauma is one of the biggest trade fairs in the world and happens every three years. This year edition started today in Munich and ends on the 21st of April, therefore the presentations of new trucks have started. One of the first brands to present their new products was MAN.

10 de abril de 2013

DAF introduces the New Euro 6 LF and CF Series

DAF completed the renewal of its fleet of trucks with the presentation of the new LF and CF at the Birmingham Commercial Vehicle Show. These new models already meet the Euro 6 standard which comes into effect next year, forcing all truck manufacturers (and other vehicles) to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and make their vehicles more efficient.

6 de abril de 2013

Mercedes trucks (Unimog and Econic) testing on the Arctic Circle

Cars aren't the only vehicles that need rigorous testing, trucks also need their winter testing, and that is exactly what Mercedes showed us. From 1 January 2014 all heavy duty vehicles sold in the European Union will have to comply with the Euro 6 standard, meaning all bus and truck manufacturers will have to upgrade their engines and their better do it fast.

29 de março de 2013

Hyundai presented the heavy duty truck, Xcient.

Hyundai Motor Company has become a major player in the car market, but it seems that is not enough, so the South Korean company now wants to have a bigger share on the commercial vehicle market. To do that Hyundai introduced the Xcient, a name that combines the biggest unit measuring data (XC) with the word "efficient".

25 de março de 2013

Volvo Trucks presents the new Volvo FM

Better late than never. The new Volvo FM has been seen several times on several roads throughout Europe for the last several months and recently Volvo finally decided to fully reveal the new FM. If you are wondering what FM means, it's "Forward control Medium height cab".

26 de janeiro de 2013

Is this a Hyundai truck testing in Scandinavia?

According to the German website, Verkehrsrundschau, Hyundai is testing their new truck near the arctic circle, meaning that the Korean company might bring their heavy trucks to the old continent. When questioned about that the company refused to comment.

29 de dezembro de 2012

Short News: Drawings from DAF

There are people in the world who have an amazing ability to draw, either by hand or using a computer, creating images that are incredibly realistic and full of details. And if you think it's hard to create a car, then what about a truck?

16 de dezembro de 2012

Short News: Volvo Trucks buys the last shares from Renault Trucks

The French automaker, Renault SA, sold the last shares (6,5%) they had in Volvo AB for 1.458 million Euros ($1.92 billion Dollars) ending a connection that lasted for 11 years as the largest owner of the Swedish company.

1 de dezembro de 2012

What does it take to design and build a truck? Volvo Trucks design team tells us how they did it [Video]

All of us who like vehicles of all types, also find interesting how they are created and how they go from a simple drawing to the final form. And the guys all Volvo Trucks showed us how they do it.

Mercedes-Benz Arocs. New heavy duty work truck range

With presentation schedule to April 2013, at the Bauma trade fair in Germany, Mercedes has revealed a few images of its new truck lineup for construction and on/off-road applications.

26 de novembro de 2012

MAN doesn't want to stay behind the pack, will also build a hybrid truck.

Meet the Man Metropolis, a truck that works kinda like Top Gears Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust. It is driven only by electricity but has a range extender V6-TDI engine borrowed from Audi to help charge the batteries.

20 de novembro de 2012

DAF XF press demos in Spain.

The new DAF XF was revealed a few weeks ago and now it is time to let the journalists test the vehicles in an event that takes place from November 18 to December 4 in Malaga.

19 de novembro de 2012

Ford Trucks. Yes, real trucks. The 1846T

Seems Ford wants to enter the truck market in Europe and to help achieve that they released the new 1846T the first product developed according to the company’s new “One Ford” strategy that entails an integrated design and production capability using Ford subsidiaries worldwide.