10 de janeiro de 2013

Le Monde says Peugeot-Citroen will buy Opel, GM denies it

The French newspaper, Le Monde, claims that the French government was planning the movements necessary to buy Opel. This idea is not entirely unreasonable, GM wants to get rid of Opel, which only gives prejudice. and PSA would have access to new technical skills and their "German" position in market share.

If this happens it will be the inevitable the closure of some factories and the dismissal of many workers, if Opel wants to be profitable. But GM already said this won't happen, and that this is "pure speculation with no basis in reality".

The reality is that GM and PSA Group maintain a connection for almost a year and the French government wants to protect French workers, so we will have to wait for new chapters in this novel.

Source: autoblog.es