23 de janeiro de 2013

PSA VéLV concept will be the Twizy rival [Video]

This is a compact, lightweight electric vehicle, with only 2.81m long, it has 3 seats, weighs under 700kg and is considered to be a tricycle because when the car has 2 rear wheels on a track with less than 460mm it is considered as a single-wheel axle.

Power comes from a 20kW (DC)/30kW motor with an 8.5kWh electric battery for a range of 100km. The car is made of an integral one-piece body made of fiberglass and polyester resin, ABS PMMA self-coloured thermoformed body panels, with a front end and door frames made of aluminum profiles.

While the Twizy is not the huge success many expected it to be, the PSA Group also wants to enter this segment that is classified as being the solution for travels in the cities, and i quote "An electric vehicle project to change the way we travel in and around cities".