11 de janeiro de 2013

Three deaths in the Dakar in just two days

The Dakar Rally is, and will always be, a difficult race where the lives of those who participate in it will always be at risk, and including the lives of spectators. And yesterday those were the main victims, while today was a pilot.

Yesterday, a support vehicle from the team Race2Recovery crashed into one taxi killing two of its five passengers, while three members from the English team were injured. Overall 7 people were injured because another taxi, when trying to avoid crashing into the Race2Recovery Land Rover Defender and the other taxi, overturned several times.

Today, the French motorcycle rider Thomas Bourgin died after crashing into a police car on a link route traveling to the special stage. The police car was going in the opposite direction and the 25 year old pilot died immediately.

My condolences to the families and friends of the deceased.