2 de março de 2013

Kia Provo concept looks racy. Will be in Geneva.

The unnamed concept that i wrote about over a month ago was now completely revealed by KIA and is called the Provo. At that time Kia described it as "a provocative and racy new urban concept", so now we can see they gave us a tip about the name, since it comes from the word provocative. 

This concept in my opinion is a bit like the Citroen Revolte and the Citroen Survolt, which is a good thing, it looks futuristic. It looks like a small three-door hatchback but if it ever gets to be produced it will probably transform into something larger and higher like a small SUV.

It will be at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show which starts in just a few days, like everyone new car/concept presented in the last weeks.

Source: autowp